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Product Features

  • The auger filler is designed for automatically metering and filling various powdered products. It employs auger rotation for accurate filling operations.
  • The filling quantity is accurately controlled by a corresponding pulse, which is generated by a servo motor driving an auger.
  • The auger rotation pulse is modified and adjusted by means of a feedback system for accurate weight compensation. This assures high filling accuracy as desired.
  • The auger control system employs a touch-sensing screen for operational convenience.
  • The auger filler is driven by Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, featuring superior metering accuracy.
  • Equipped with Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control to assure maximum stability of control performance.
  • TECO E-class explosion proof mixing motor fully avoids dust explosion.
  • Touch-sensing screen gives user-friendly operation.
  • The machine appearance and internal transmission mechanism are fully dust guarded. This prevents dust from entering to damage machine parts.
  • Equipped with level control allows it to be connected with material supply system for filling material.
  • Unlike conventional welded augers with spring loaded, the material outfeed auger on this machine is one-piece manufactured from stainless steel.
  • The metering auger is one-piece manufactured from stainless steel, rather than the conventional, spring-type welded auger. It features high metering accuracy with tolerance of ±1%.


Free-Flow Body Principle

Suitable for free flow powder or granular products

Non-Free-Flow Body Principle

Suitable for non-free flow powder

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